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Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XDA
Model Number: XDA-F03
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 house
Price: 3000 - 60000 USD
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 15 - 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 houses per month
Detail Information
Name: Broiler Breeder Farming Shed Life Time: Over 15 Years
Broiler Breeder Feeder: 8-9 Males/feed Pan Breeder Nipple Drinker: 8-10 Breeder/nipple Drinker
Application: Breeder Farming Shed Grille: 1.5m/section
High Light:

1.5m Chicken Breeding Equipment


1.5kg/m Chicken Breeding Equipment


Breeding Chain Feeding System

Product Description

Automatic Broiler Breeder Female Male Farming Equipment for Parent Poultry House


Automatic Breeder House:


Patented plastic scraper chain feeding system for female breeder

Female Male Parent Broiler Breeder Shed Feeder Equipment For Automatic Breeding Line House

1. To obtain a national invention patent, patent number: ZL201210510242.6

2. Equipment in operation, if a failure to achieve automatic alarm and stop, protect the system from damage.

3. Fast Feed conveying speed, significantly reduce the feed intake differences, improve the uniformity of flocks.

4. As the scraper is a plastic product, in the feeding process, almost no wear galvanized chicken layer, can significantly improve the service life of equipment.

5. Due to the unique structure of the reason, chain scraper maintenance is extremely simple, one operation, a few minutes to complete.

6. New chicken scraper chain conveyor feeder Since its inception, after many poultry farms using practise approved that: the advantages are very prominent, can completely replace or eliminate the traditional chain plate feeding system.


- Stable running,uniform feeding,can run 36 meters/minute,the feeding capacity of 0.7-1.5kg/m,feeding speed.


-Drive system adopts cycloid pin wheel reducer,work stable and reliable,uniform feeding ,impact noise is lower.


-Hopper and interface area is equipped with the cover plate,which can effectively prevent feed spillover.


-90 degrees of corner wheel and rail surface through special hardening processing,bearing adopts metal bearing without oil ,The working life is longer.


-Adopt wear-resisting rust yarding manger,at the same time equipped with 44 cm of caloric restriction of the width of the grid ,which can effectively separate the cock and the hen,also can be customized according to customer requirements of different specifications of caloric restriction of the width of the grid.Galvanized sheet egg box adopts international standard design.



Automatic Breeder Farming House Equpment:



Name Specification
Feed box 250kgs/150kgs
Galvanized sheet
1.2mm thickness
Drive motor It could be adapted to any house situation.
High chain speed:36m/min
Motor output:1.5kw or 2.2kw depending on chain length
90° Corner The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to different raising period
Feed channel leg Height:23cm, width:9.5cm
Grille 1.5m/section
Have 4/5/6 wires to prevent cock
Width between two grills is 42mm
Feed channel Galvanized sheet
High tensile strength
Smooth chain works within feed channel



Female Breeder Chain Feeding System: 


Driving motor:

use cycloidal-pin wheel reduce device, more stable and reliable convey feed equality, reduce noice than toothed wheel.

Feed trough bracket and connection:

They are liftable. We can adjust their height according different breeding stages. Bracket surface use hot galvanized

process, anti-corrosion, more suitable for poultry house environment.

90 degree corner wheel:

The wheel is after special hardening process, alloy bearing don't need oiling, have good wear resistance and long service


Feed trough:

made of wear-risistant and anti-rust material, have 44mm wide limited food grill, which can separate the hens and roosters

apart effectively, the limited food grill distance can also be customized.


imported from South Africa, have strong feed delivery speed, can reach 36m/minute.


We have 260Kg main hopper and 100Kg vice hopper, they are made of high quality galvanized sheet, there is cover plate

between hopper and trough interface, which is easy to adjust the height of feed level and to prevent feed spill.




Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment 0



Females&males pan feeding system:


Driving motor:

(Taiwan motor with overload protection of IP55 grade)

Power: 0.75kw

Voltage: 380V/220V/customerized

Frequency:50hz, three phase/single-phase, AC current.

Vice hopper:

Bin Volume: 115L,200L

Material: Hot-dip galvanized sheet

Material Thickness: 1mm

Pan feeding system:

Conveying pipe: 4 pans/3m, 3 pans/3m

Diameter: 45mm

Feed Pipe Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe(the zinc coating amount is more than 275g/m2).

Thickness: 1.2mm

Spring auger: imported from South Africa

Feeding ability: 400kg/h.

Feed sensor:

When feed sensor is installed inside the feed pan(coonect to open), driving motor starts work to convey feed,

when feeder sensor does not touch feed, and it stops conveying feed when feed sensor touches feed( for main feed

line and pan feed line use).

When feed sensor is installed at the bottom of feed bin(connect to close), the function is opossite to the above situation.

Female breeders feed pan:

The main characteristics of our female breeder feed pan:

1). 4pans/3m, feed pan distance :750mm;

2). Feed pan diameter: 360mm;

3). Material:pp---Polypropylene;

4). Feeding capacity: 12.5 birds/pan;

5). 16 grills width of 40-52mm divide into 11 files, suitable for all stages breeders (including day-old birds) feeding needs;

6). Feed hole height of 70mm,80mm,90mm three files. when feed hole width is 52mm, height is 80mm, chicks can in&out


7). Feed pan capaicty: 16 grades files, 200-630g/pan, which can meet different stages chickens eating demands;

8). Pull switch design, easy to switch each pan;

9). Bottom of the pan can be hanged, easy to take down, convenient to install and wash.



Automatic Breeder Nest System:



1. 1520(length)*1285(wideth)*1020 (height)mm size(with prevent perching line), 24 holes design, one nest hole size 380*250mm.

2. High quality 0.5mm Galvanized plate ,one set weight 47kg, zinc weight 275g/m2, reach international standards.

3. Use high-quality PVC pedal ,smooth and no thorns,better than wood.

4.The plastic trays made of modified material, strong and good toughness. Also can be galvanized sheet.


Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment 1


System Pictures:


Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment 2


Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment 3


Chain Feeding System Chicken Breeding Equipment 4




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