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90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XDA
Model Number: XDA-F03
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 house
Price: 3000 - 50000 USD
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 15 - 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 houses per month
Detail Information
Name: Breeder Farm House Life Span: Over 15 Years
Feeder: 8-9 Males/feed Pan Drinker: 8-10 Breeders/nipple Drinker
Usage: Breeder Raising Operation: Automatic
High Light:

Automatic Pan Feeding System


90 degree Pan Feeding System


36m/minute chain feeding system

Product Description

Automatic Broiler Breeder Female Male Farm Equipment for Poultry House


Automatic Poultry House:


1 Environment Control System A variety of environment controllers are customized from Israel,it can reach a most advanced control leave in poultry house control.
2 Main Feed Line System Silo /manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line.There is a feed sensor at the end of main feed line which controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.
3 Pan Feeding Line System There is a feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motor one and off to achieve automatic feed delivery to each feed pan.
4 Automatic Drinking Line Supply clean water to each nipple steady,
chicken can drink water from 360 degree freely
5 Ventilation System Make chicken shed keep suitable temperature
for different stage chicken
6 Cooling Pad System The longitudinal way of cooling-fan ventilation way is the most economical and effective way to reduce temperature of chicken house in summer.
7 Heating System In winter or chicks,it make chicken house has a suitable temperature.
8 Fogging And Disinfection It is effectively tools for cooling,damping,dedusting and disinfecting the house



Automatic Poultry Keeping system:

Poultry Broiler Female Breeder Breeding House Equipment For Automatic Nest System Male

1. Pan Feeding System: Ideal way for whole raising period from brooding to slaughter. 

2. Nipple Drinking system: Effective way to supply chicken water and keep the waste dry.
3. Fans and cooling pads system: Keep the poultry house air cool and fresh. 

4. Environmental control system: Automatically control the temperature, humidity, light, etc. 

5. Fogging system: Regularly disinfecte the poultry house. 

6. Heating system: Fuel can be gas or oil. Keep the house warm during winter. 



Breeder Feeder feature:


1.The pan feeder is easy install and easy operate.

2.Feed in the pan feeders are supplied to all the birds at the same time avoiding competition.

3.The pan feeders can keep roosters from competing with hens for feed

4.The pan feeders is made from special compound plastic and hot galvanized steel tube for life time using.

5. The pan feeders is easy to monitor and adjust feed level setting.


Female Breeder Chain Feeding System: 


Driving motor:

use cycloidal-pin wheel reduce device, more stable and reliable convey feed equality, reduce noice than toothed wheel.

Feed trough bracket and connection:

They are liftable. We can adjust their height according different breeding stages. Bracket surface use hot galvanized

process, anti-corrosion, more suitable for poultry house environment.

90 degree corner wheel:

The wheel is after special hardening process, alloy bearing don't need oiling, have good wear resistance and long service


Feed trough:

made of wear-risistant and anti-rust material, have 44mm wide limited food grill, which can separate the hens and roosters

apart effectively, the limited food grill distance can also be customized.


imported from South Africa, have strong feed delivery speed, can reach 36m/minute.


We have 260Kg main hopper and 100Kg vice hopper, they are made of high quality galvanized sheet, there is cover plate

between hopper and trough interface, which is easy to adjust the height of feed level and to prevent feed spill.




90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System 0


Coner wheel:

90 degree hgih strength angle wheel, drive gear and corner wheel are made of wear resistant material, and after hgih frequency quenching, high hardness, wear resistance.

Chain: South Africa champion brand chain, the world's best chain, high tensile strength, long service life.


90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System 1



1. Save time and labor, one person is enough for one chicken house;

2. Increasing chicken survival rate;

3. Automatically control your chicken house environment;

4. High quantiy to ensure nonstopping running of your houses;

5. Competitive price.

6. 15-year service life.



Other systems for breeder environment control house



a. Ventilation system
b. Cooling pad system
c. Environment control system
d. Fogging system
e. Heating system
f. Curtain system
g. Slat system
h. Laying nests



The broiler breeders are the birds that produce the fertile eggs that will become the broiler chickens that are harvested

for meat.

The three main steps and stages in the whole broiler production process are:
• Rearing and managing broiler breeders (the birds that produce eggs for hatching into broiler chicks);
• Fattening of broiler chicks ;
• Marketing and processing of finished broiler birds.

So raising broiler breeders is the first step.



System Pictures:



90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System 2


90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System 3


90 Degree Chain Automatic Pan Feeding System 4





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