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150m Grow Room Environment Controller

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XDA
Model Number: XDA-F09
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 house
Price: 1000 - 5000 USD
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 15 - 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 houses per month
Detail Information
Type: Temptron 610 616 607A From: Israel
Used For: Temperature Control Life Span: 10 Years
Name: Poultry House Environment Control Contact: Whatsapp 008618830728667
High Light:

150m Grow Room Environment Controller


616 Grow Room Environment Controller


Automatic environment control system

Product Description

Temptron 610 616 607A poultry​ Environment controller Poultry house equipment


1.Automatic Main feeding line:

The automatic feeding system consist of silo or hopper,driving device,auger,feed sensor,etc.The closed chicken house design improves the management efficiency,reduces the cross in fection rate,achieve the highly of automated control of the chicken farm.

Silo:The silo is composed of silo body,silo lid and silo legs,etc.Silo body is made of 275g/m hot galvanized panel (two sides).There is a hole on the type-cone for checking the feed level.We have different types of silos to meet different requirements.


Silo Characteristics:High strength,anti-corrosive,easy installation and long service life.


Volume(M3) Feed weight (T) Diameter Layer Cone thickness Leg thickness Total Weight Body thickness Total Height
10 5 2.45 1 1.0 2.0 420 1.0 4.7
14.1 8 2.45 2 1.0 2.0 470 1.0 5.6
17.7 10 2.75 2 1.0 2.0 600 1.0 5.6
21.5 15 3.1 2 1.0 2.0 640 1.0 5.6
23.2 16 2.8 3 1.0 2.0 655 1.0 6.5
28.2 20 3.1 3 1.0 2.0 755 1.0 6.5



* Surface spray treatment,wear-resistant anti-corrosion,beautiful appearance.

* The whole hopper is detachable,saving more space.

* Four different sizes of hoppers for you to choose.You can choose the suitable size according to your feeding quantity and individual needs,you can also customized individually according to your requirements.


Volume(M3) Feed (Kg) Size (m) Thickness(MM) Thickness of leg (mm) Weight (Kg) High (M)
0.6 390 2.45 2 2.0 420 1.055
0.8 520 2.45 2 2.0 470 1.055
1.2 780 1.4X1.36 2 3 600 1.255
1.4 910 1.4X1.36 2 3 640 1.455


Auger and Pipe:

Spring Auger: Imported from South Africa,made of high quality spring steel,long service life and not easily deformed.

Conveying pipe diameter Conveying pipe thickness Conveying pipe material Auger model Feeding ability Convey length
75mm 3.6mm PVC 75/227 1400KG/H 60M
90mm 4.5mm PVC 75/322 2400KG/H 40M



Die-cast aluminum alloy shell and input and output flange,excellent heat dissipation,no rust,stable and reliable.

Split Gearbox,quick and easy to replacement.



Two kinds of imported sensors to choose.

1. Germany IFM feed level sensor (double wires).

2. Israel Agrologic feed level sensor (Three wires).



2.Automatic chicken pan feeding line system:

This system convey feed through the rotation of helical spring auger,including main feed line and pan feeding line.


Main feed line: Silo/manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line.There is a feed sensor at the end of main feed line which controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.


Pan feeding line:There is a feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.


Hopper:Structure: Unassembled hopper,save shipping space and better for protecting surface galvanized layer.


Material:275g galvanized sheet


Sensor:Two kinds of imported sensors to choose:

* Germany IFM feed level sensor (double wires).

* Israel Agrologic feed level sensor (three wires).


Motor: Die-cast aluminum alloy shell and input& output flange,excellent heat dissipation,no rust,stable and reliable.

Split Gearbox,quick and easy to replacement.


Equipment length 0-60m 60-80m 80-100m 100-120m 120-150m
Single Phase 0.37kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Three Phase 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.1kw


Feed pan:

Made of pure raw materials,contains anti-aging and anti-UV additives,durable and more than 10 years service life.All types of feed pans are designed according to the world's advanced feeding concept,which can make broiler chickens enjoy eating happily in different stages,the types and colors of chicken feed pan can be chosen freely according to your preferences.


Turbo: New type chicken plate,covenient for feeding,easy to clean and beautiful appearance.




Auger and Pipe:

Spring auger: Imported from South Africa,made of high quality spring steel,long service life,stable performance,can be conveyed powder and pellet feed.

Feed pipe: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe,the zinc coating amount>275g/m2 (double sided),good rust-proof effect and long service time.

New type feed pipe with raised edge can protect the feed pan better and increase the feed pan service life.




3.Chicken farm-Nipple drinking line system:

Automatic nipple drinking system include:Front system,Main water supply system,Water inlet system,Pressure regulator & the end of drinking line,Nipple drinking line,Lifting winch,Suspension and lifting system and Anti-perching system.


Water supply:

The front system is composed of water filtration,metering,water pressure display,water pressure regulation,and dosing device.Water supply pressure supply and storage device are optional.


Pressure regulator:

Integrated pressure regulation,recoil and water level display.Operating easily and responding quickly.The internal valve is made of pure raw material,soft and anti-aging.


Lifting winch:

Gear after wear-resisting and strength processing,overall surface is sprayed,pretty appearance and long service life.


Square water pipe drinking line:

Lubing type,the nipple shell is made of POM and stainless steel.It is double-sealed with cone valve.It has good sealing effect and strong stability.The water pipe adopts 22x22 pure raw material PVC square tube with light blocking agent inside to reduce the growth of bacteria and moss in the tube.

Galvanized tube and aluminum alloy triangle are optional.


Round water pipe:

Plasson type,Aluminum alloy support,more corrosion-resistant.Round water pipe,smooth water flow,snap-in type installation,convenient and fast.The nipple is improved double-sealed cone nipple,the effect is better.Hollow designed water cup is more stable.


4.Environment control system:

The healthy growth of poultry is inseperable from an environment with good air quality comfortable temperature and suitable humidity.The good poultry house environment cannot be seperated from one set of environmental controllers with high reliability and reasonable design.

Our environment controllers are Agrologic series controllers imported from Israel and Rotem AC2000 Series controllers are optional.

Control box:

All the control cabinets are designed according to customer’s requirements and wired according to the actual load situation,beautiful in appearance,practical and reliable.



5. Ventilation system:

5-1.Ventilation fan:

Good air environment is the basis for successful farming.Good environment can ensure the health of chickens.U-Best will provide the most suitable poultry house ventilation system according to your climate of different regions,structures,layouts and requirements.


Box Fan:Applicable to shorter chicken house or areas with air drying or moderate.24’’ and 36’’ fans are used for ventilation to provide fresh air to the poultry house.50’’ fans equipped with cooling pads to cool the house (House length<100meters).

Model Blades diameter Blades rotational speed(rpm) Air Flow(M3/H) Noise decibels(DB) Input power Height(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
UBT-750 600(24in) 960 10600 <70 370w 750 750 510
UBT-1000 910(36in) 438 21000 <65 550w 1000 1000 450
UBT-1380 1270(50in) 438 44000 <65 1100w 1380 1380 450


Cone fan:

Applicable to long chicken house or areas with large air humidity.Large air volume,provides higher wind speed,match with cooling pads makes the cooling effect more prominent.


Fiberglass Cone Fan:

Applicable to long chicken house or areas with large air humidity.Large air volume,provides higher wind speed,match with cooling pads makes the cooling effect more prominent.Fiberglass shell,better anti-corrosion effect,longer service life.


5-2.Air inlet:

High quality engineering material ABS production,high strength,strong anti-aging,can be directly cleaned with high pressure cleaner.

The air inlet window panel contains 20mm thick insulation board which has good heat preservation and sealing effect.

Spoilers is set on both sides of the window panel,and the deflector is installed on the upper side of the window to stabilize the flow of air.The chicken house at any negative pressure can let the outside air reach the center of the poultry house smoothly,which can provide sufficient oxygen to the chicken house without causing too much fluctuation in the temperature of the house.


6.Cooling pad system:

Use new material and advanced space crossing linking technology,high absorbability,high water-resistant,anti-mildew and long service life.

The product contains surface active agent,natural water absorbability,fast pervasion speed,lasting effectiveness.A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds.Height of absorb:60-70mm/5minutes,200mm/1.5 hours,achieving international standard.

Strict production as per standard,width of 600mm cooling pad involves 85 sheets,raw material adopts imported kraft paper (100g/M2,Thickness:0.18-0.2mm,tension resistance at 70N,absorbability height as 45mm/10min,moisture at 5-8%,humidity at 18N).

Products don’t contain phenol or any other chemical substances which easily makes skin allergy.Non-toxic and harmless to human body during installation and using.Safety,energy saving,environmental protection and economic applicable.


7. Fogging system:

It is effectively tools for cooling,damping,dedusting and disinfecting the house.


Main application:

* Refrigeration and humidification:The water pressure at the pipe mouth can reach 70 bar after the water is sprayed from high- pressure nozzle,and sprayed water is atomized and quickly dispersed to absorb the heat,thereby achieving the effect of temperature reduction and humidification.

* Dust removal and disinfection

* Sprayed water fog can purigy the dust in air during the descending.At same time,water soluble disinfection drugs can be added into the spray to achieve the effect of the disinfection with chickens.

* The atomization system is best use product for disinfection with chickens.



* Instant cooling but not wet.

* Large flow,high pressure,good atomization,and corrosion resistance.

* Increase the humidity to the preset range according to the requirements-60 to 70 percent of the maximum relative humidity.

* Effectively prevent the dust,and reduce respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry.

* Disinfect with chickens.


We also have spraying and disinfecting machine (High-pressure washer),it also can use to clean the feeder,drinker and chicken farm.


150m Grow Room Environment Controller 0


150m Grow Room Environment Controller 1


150m Grow Room Environment Controller 2





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