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Auto Pan Feeder Steel Broiler Poultry Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XDA
Model Number: XDA-F01
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 house
Price: 3000 - 60000 USD
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 15 - 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 houses per month
Detail Information
Name: Automatic Poultry Steel Constrction House Feeding System: Automatic Pan Feeder Line
Drinking System: Automatic Nipple Drinker Line Type: Automatic Operation
Application: Poultry, Broiler, Breeder, Duck House Delivery Time: 20 - 30 Days
Life Span: Over 15 Years Contact: Whatsapp 008618830728667
High Light:

Steel Broiler Poultry Equipment


XDA Broiler Poultry Equipment


45mm pan feeder poultry

Product Description

Prefabricated Automatic Poultry House Farm Steel Construction Building Equipment for broiler breeder house shed


Automatic Poultry House:

Auto Broiler Poultry Equipment House For Chicken Farm Automatic Shed

Steel structure poultry farm building has features of high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance.
As long as you can have your own thoughts, we will help you to realize it.
Poultry farm is mainly used for broiler and layer chicken, you can choose free range or cage system with automatic quipment to breed.
We can introduce our partner (the equipments' supplier )to you,then we work together to provide more workable project for you.

Three types of poultry house:
A: Open side: It can save the cost of shed, but can not control the temperature very well.
B: Half open side: you can open the curtain, when climate is good. You can close the curtain, when climate is not good. But this
tpye chicken house can not be used in cold area.
C: Enclosed chicken house: This design can control temperature well and reduce the harm of climate changing to chickens. But the cost is higher.


1. Pan Feeding System: Ideal way for whole raising period from brooding to slaughter. 

2. Nipple Drinking system: Effective way to supply chicken water and keep the waste dry.
3. Fans and cooling pads system: Keep the poultry house air cool and fresh.

4. Environmental control system: Automatically control the temperature, humidity, light, etc.

5. Fogging system: Regularly disinfecte the poultry house.

6. Heating system: Fuel can be gas or oil. Keep the house warm during winter.


1. Main feed line system: Silo /manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line.There is a feed sensor at the end of main feed line which controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.
2. Automatic pan feeding line system: There is a feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motor one and off to achieve automatic feed delivery to each feed pan.
3. Automatic Nipple drinking line system: supply clean water to each nipple steady, chicken can drink water from 360
4. Ventilation system: make chicken shed keep suitable temperature for different stage chicken
5. Environment control system: A variety of environment controllers are customized from Israel,it can reach a most advanced control leave in poultry house control.
6. Cooling pad system: The longitudinal way of cooling-fan ventilation way is the most economical and effective way to reduce temperature of chicken house in summer.
7. Fogging system: It is effectively tools for cooling,damping,dedusting and disinfecting the house.
8. Heating system: In winter or chicks,it make chicken house has a suitable temperature.



Automatic Feeding System:


The automatic feeding system consists of the tower, drive, material pipe, auger and other systems. The closed design and automatic feeding increase the management efficiency, reduce various cross infections, and realize the high automation of the whole chicken farm production process.



The silo consist of main body, cover, ladder, supporting leg etc. the main body is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet with double surface coating thickness 275g/m2, the main size is Φ1830mm, Φ2750mm,Φ3670mm etc.

Features and advantage:

1. Set inspection hole on the lower for checking feed level.

2. The vent is on the upper to prevent the temperature of feedstuff too high in the silo

3. Can be equipped with weighing system, to accurate weigh feed in the silo and record the volume of inlet feed and outlet feeding.

4. With high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, easy installation.

Feeding tube and spiral wire

The motor drives spiral wire conveying feedstuff from silo to feeding device. The feeding device has crane type and chain type.



Pan feeding system  
Conveying pipe: 4-pan/3m,3-3pan/3m
Diameter: 45mm
Material: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe the zinc coating amount is more than 275g/m2.
Thickness: 1.2mm
Spring Auger: imported from South Africa
Feeding ability: 400kg/h



Automatic Nipple Drinking:


Main part of the system:filter,pressure regulator,nipple drinking line.Lifting and suspension system,electric shock system etc.

Lifting and suspension system:

Correct height for drinking system is very important for chicken(both higher and lower can effect chicken bone's distortion,it is bad for chicken growth,and also can have some water wasting).it is very easy to adjust drinking system's height if use this system.

Nipples for the system:

Use good quality engineering plastic for outer,for the inner,we use good quality stainless stell.All nipples are anti-rusting,service life over 10 years.

Double-sealing structure,with good seal ability,can avoid to effect the chicken house for leaking.Valve rod is movable in 360 degree,it's suitable for all chicken to drink.

Water display level tube:

Use high transparency& impact resistant materail,it is sturdy and durable,and convenient to watch water level.This device with advanced design,it is very easy to take down and clean.


Air inlet window:

* With UV resistant additive,air inlet has stronger anti-aging ability,longer service life.

* The unique structure on window edge making it more closely and firmly.

* Wind deflector can prevent cold wind blowing down,make the fresh air blow in the center of chicken house,which ensures a better ventilation effect.

* Double spring ensures excelling sealing.

* Flexible opening with anti-bird nets.

*Manuel control:Operater will check the pressure of chicken house,control the winch by hand until meet the request.


Environment control systems:

* Install different environment controller according to equipment components situation in poultry house.Our controller includes three series of T607,T610 and T616 imported from Israel Agrologic and MRS 6616 developed and produced by ourselves.

* Control box made by a mational standard box body,and power controls are CHNT and SCHNEIDER.

* Environment controller is designed to control poultry breeding equipment automatically and intelligently according to local climate and equipment requirements.

A variety of environment controllers are customized from Israel,it can reach a most advanced control level in poultry house control.






1.We can supply both steel structure chicken house and inner full set automatic equipment for both laying hens and broilers
2. All the steel frame are galvanized steel
3. Insulation:galvanized steel sheet + glass wool composite at project sit or use EPS /glass wool sandwich panel
4. For layer /laying hens: we can supplier H type cage( battery cage) and A type cage,feeding line/drinking line /manure clean
system /spray indirect system are all automatic
5. For broilers: You can chose feed on floor or on the plastic floor,all the equipment we can supplier
6. We also can design and supplier equipment for you if you want to incubation and slaughter yourself. Including slaughter
workshop we can do one stop service.



System Pictures:


Auto Pan Feeder Steel Broiler Poultry Equipment 0


Auto Pan Feeder Steel Broiler Poultry Equipment 1


Auto Pan Feeder Steel Broiler Poultry Equipment 2






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